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How to Store Your Jewelry

Before I became a jeweler, I kept my jewelry in a zillion random boxes, pouches, and jumbles. Since that method hindered easy access to favorites and made locating them impossible, I reformed once I became a professional jeweler and had a good reason to re-organize.  At that point, I was transporting the goods all over the country, whether shipping to stores or shows. I couldn’t afford for pieces to tangle, scratch or break.

A few crucial storage tips for best practices: First, store one thing in each compartment. When multiple pieces sit together, they inevitably scratch. Second, separate earrings even when stored in one compartment. Remind yourself to lay them down apart. Think twin beds, not a queen size. Third, put the item back in its spot when you take it off at night. You have less chance of misplacing it that way.

 Storing Your JewelryThere are lots of options and here are a few for you that don’t require access to professional resources.  One of my favorite places is Container Store. (I’m not getting paid to endorse Container Store.)  First, they sell hanging jewelry organizers that have up to 80, clear pockets so you can see everything at once. The hanging toiletry bags are great for larger bracelets and necklaces that need a single, largish pocket. Hanging storage is good to tuck away your treasure before you leave on vacation and also good to roll up if you are taking a few pieces with you.

Second, Container Store sells a line called “Stackers” which are stacking trays with compartmental separations for bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.  Lined with plush, they are sized from about 7” x 5” up to about 14” x 10” so you can make stacks according to your storage needs and space. The sections are differently sized: some long for bracelets or necklaces, some small squares for rings or earrings to just sit freely.  There are lidded boxes and the trays fit below. I love containers in general and I use these in my closet. 

Storing Your JewelryThird, a company called Wolf Designs sells really nice small boxes for travel. I have a few here in the studio for sale, although I know we are not travelling right now. These little boxes are also good for stashing pieces you’d rather hide from prying eyes.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the jewelry organizers that you install on your wall in the closet because they are limited in capacity (and we know we will always need new pieces!) and do nothing to conceal what we own, making easy work for a potential thief. Stuff also slips off and falls into shoes, tricking us into believing we’ve lost something until we slide our foot in.

Questions? Just ask.