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Put Your Look Together

We want to look and feel put together.  But we are pressed for time, easily distracted triple-taskers, and whatever we can toss into the backseat goes there without a second thought. 

When I decided to begin a jewelry career 15 years ago, I realized that every woman I knew loved wearing jewelry but most of them hadn't a clue how to put it together with their outfit. So much easier to retreat with the safe pearl studs or the huggy hoops that were so popular. But then you look like every other rushed woman and not like your distinctive self. Of course, your intelligence, drive, ethics, sense of humor, stability, and compassion count most, but in our work world, women must make themselves understood and respected. A polished appearance with jewelry that complements but doesn't interfere is part of that total package.

And that's what you have me for. From making house calls to help coordinate existing pieces into a cohesive collection, redesigning said pieces, getting new things to freshen up, and generally helping you access the confidence that comes from wearing something beautiful to look at, I can be your guide and provider. Sometimes, we just need something beautiful to wear that won't go out of style.  It's that simple.

I like to make it easy.  How about asking me to bring over 7 or 8 pairs of pearls for you to choose from for new earrings?  Shooting me an email when you know you have events coming that you clearly need accessories for? Give me a price point and I can show you what is budget-friendly. Tell me what you like, what you hate...bold, delicate? Large? Yellow, white or pink gold? Silver? Favorite stones, best colors, modern, traditional? Something that is one of a kind? Let's discuss what you need or would like and take it from there. Laughter, fun,

Connect with me at 312-346-2363 or diana@dianawidman. My studio is at 5 South Wabash, Ste 411, Chicago.