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Who Are You?

I thought I’d take time to reflect on the people who are my clients… Each one of you is really special and working with you on personal treasures is a privilege. You are all in good company and would really like one another.

Pre-Covid, I have had gatherings at my home that I call "In Good Company" where you can meet one another. You've loved them and I'll restart when it's safe, but in the meantime, here you are.

 nihal demirci UYG1U5wj3Tk unsplash

‍One of you is a marine biologist who dedicates her life to saving the ocean. She’s done a lifetime of extensive research on sharks (crucial for the food chain), helped clean up Shinnecock Bay by installing clams who filter out pollutants, and worked at the UN on global initiatives. She is also a generous soul, very kind, grandma to 7 children, and has a great laugh.

Several of you are ballerinas for the Joffrey Ballet. You grace my work, give great artistic nourishment to the audience, and demonstrate growth in both your professional and private lives.

One of you teaches dance to silver-haired women. You make us feel still good at this and you spend inordinate amounts of time planning good choreography for us to absorb. You are an amazing mother, a stalwart support in times of trouble, and have a very dry, quick wit.

A couple of you are life coaches. Your warmth and insight, great organizational skills, and wise cheerleading help women find their way to the next adventure while understanding where they have come from.

Several of you are attorneys specializing in family law. You take painful situations and try to make them better by guiding your clients towards more peaceful solutions. You volunteer for organizations that improve children's lives and the world around you.

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‍One of you recently retired from a family business and is now relaxing amongst her photos and killer Italian pottery collection from her days as a rep for high-end hotels in everyone's favorite vacation destination. You love to hike and I'm designing a setting for some lava from Kilimanjaro.

A couple of you make us look SO much better by caring for our skin and hair. You treat all of your customers with focused attention, expertise, and lots of cheer.

One of you is a master gardener who loves planting surprises in her own yard and seeing how they do.

One of you owns a pie business that makes the best pie I've ever had. One of you is a breast cancer surgeon. One of you is a cardiologist who specializes in women's cardiac health. Two of you are nurses. One of you is a gifted gem photographer who occasionally falls in love with one of her subjects. One of you runs a global diamond company. One of you helps make people's homes look gorgeous. Your taste is impeccable. Several of you are fine artists. One of you is an astronomer. One sells homes with integrity, sensitivity, and expertise.

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One is a professor. Several are psychologists. One of you was a Rockette and Broadway performer. A couple of you manage other people’s stock portfolios. One or two teach elementary school. Many of you are executives. Most of you love to travel and together have literally gone everywhere on the planet. Some love to hike, ski, bicycle, and bungee jump. Many of you love to cook, knit, and exercise. Most of you volunteer your time generously. But labels and professions aside, ALL of you make the world a better place.