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Diana Wants to Hear From You

Diana Widman wants to hear from you. Start the conversation by using the convenient form on this page. Whether you want to shop for current jewelry create a one-of-a-ind piece she’s ready to chat with you.

Since Diana is also a professional jewelry appraiser, you may want to discuss having some –or all of the pieces you currently own evaluated for insurance purposes, for sale, or simply to know their current value in this market today. She’s happy to explain the process, including the types of jewelry valuations that are possible.

DW can be found at many different types of jewelry related events during the year. We don’t want you to miss an opportunity to see her original jewelry up close.

So please take a moment now to contact her and make a connection—you’ll be glad you did.

Diana Widman Design
5 South Wabash Ave
Ste 411
Chicago, IL 60603

Custom Opal Ring from Diana Widman

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Colored Gemstones

"The idea is to give the stones the home that they need."