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Chain Chain Chain

In a jewelry wardrobe, good chains are a must. They add texture, style, and security to treasured pendants. As necklaces or bracelets, a richly woven or hand-crafted chain is a stand-alone statement. Layers of thinner chains delight the eye with multiple textures or colors. I’m a chain addict from way back.

Chains can be twisted, woven, worn across the chest, or backwards. They can hold brooches and rings, multiple pendants, pearls, charms, lockets, amulets, urns, vases, and loosely wrapped bits of coral or shell that you found on the most beautiful beach you ever saw. And let’s not forget our wrists. Vintage bracelets, tin-cup pearls or beads, or gorgeous wire links make beautiful, easy to wear statements that we can enjoy because we wear them where we can see them.

Happily for us, my office colleague of over 15 years is an expert chain maker. He has made chains for so many of you and they are things of enduring beauty. When you and I make new pendants together, I always know which chain you already have so we can make it slide onto that chain. It’s a practical investment because you buy it once and it’s beautiful forever. He also does chain repairs on your existing treasures.

Here are some photos of chains my clients love that we can make in the shop. There are also places to buy chains we don’t make, so that’s always an option. My other favorite chain dealers make theirs in Germany and Italy and I’ve bought many from them over time.

Chain Bumbles

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