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Is Your Tiara Real

Is Your Tiara Real? Do you Know Whatcha Got?

Appraiser-Jeweler to the Rescue!

You are not alone if you've been sifting through your "stuff" and deciding what stays or goes.  We are all reckoning with things that have been in little cardboard boxes since we received them from loving relatives and friends. I think it's time we each staged our own version of "Antique Road Show" and figured ourselves out. 

That's where I come in. Do you want to know if something is "real" or not? Is it gold? Does it have serious provenance? Can you or do you want to sell it? Remake it? Gift it?  Maybe your children, nieces, or nephews are clamoring for your pieces and you want to fairly distribute them. 

In order to help you, I'd need to examine your treasures and tell you what you have. Then, through independent research methodologies, I can arrive at a "Market Value" or "Fair Market Value" for goods in this category. My report will give you an update on market activity, the state of the current market for this kind of item, or even what the item will be worth if you decide to change it. Maybe there is an important gemstone you would like to sell or at least evaluate so you know it is what your Grandma thought it was?  I've seen all kinds of pieces from a fabulous French costume brooch that the owner thought was real to a sapphire brooch that the owner thought was costume. I've looked at vintage platinum engagement rings and modern engagement rings made to look like vintage. I've checked our colored diamonds and an entire inventory for a gemstone dealer who has thousands of stones. 

Bring it and let's get to work.

Edwardian Diamond Tiara
Vintage Bulgari Diamond Necklace