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Taking Stock

Diana Widman reflects on the joy of community, and shares her classic halo pendant with Burmese gray spinel surrounded by blue sapphires and white diamonds.

It's been a challenging year for all of us on so many levels that sometimes I find myself without words. However, I'm hearing from many of you and I know from my own life that we have all found creative ways to manage, new interests, and, for many, a clarification of what is most important.

You've told me that your sustaining concerns are family, friends, supporting our favorite causes, becoming informed citizens, nourishing ourselves with good food, good movies, and lots of Zooming. You are supporting medical groups, the arts, the hungry, and healthy politics. You are community leaders and good, solid people. Luckily for me, you still want beautiful jewelry.

I am lucky to know all of you and to share life stories with so many . I am grateful beyond measure for 22 years in this crazy business. It is a global business allowing me to buy and sell from the farthest reaches. Over time, I've learned that people everywhere are the same. Good, solid, loving, hard-working, scared and confused sometimes and everyone loves a good laugh.

So thank you all. I'm blessed to have you as clients and friends and wish you safety, health, and brighter days ahead.

The pendant below is part of a classic, halo series I've been producing this year. I combine great colors with a classic design and my clients love them. Each one is one of a kind. They look great with a black tee or with your workout clothes and serve as a kind of anchoring piece, or so I'm told. Don't forget those layers, too!

Shown here, a Burmese gray spinel surrounded by blue sapphires and white diamonds. If you have a stone for me to set up, let me know. Otherwise, I have lots of choices in house or can get anything you like from one of those global dealers I just mentioned.

Spinel and Sapphire Pendant

spinel pendant