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The Year of You: 2021

We are all accustomed to reading reviews of products and businesses, the arts, politics, real estate, and anything else we might be consuming physically or emotionally. As a society, we care so fervently about events and things outside ourselves, but how often do we turn to those we love and just tell them how wonderful they are and why we think so?

Every year, I indulge myself this way with you, my clients and friends, business supporters all. I am honored that you trust me to create things that you will wear on your person. Each of these pieces signifies some benchmark in your life, whether it is birth, marriage, birthday, heirloom, or just plain heart’s desire.

You are attorneys, ballerinas, nurses, artists, organizers, realtors, ceramicists, skin care specialists, and artificial intelligence students. You are smart, funny, ethical, colorful, loving, modest, quiet, sturdy, vigorous, and thoughtful. You are detail-oriented, artistic, and just plain fun. You make the world a better place and you certainly cause me to love what I do.

I tend to operate a bit under the radar but believe me when I say that it is sunny and busy in the studio. So thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. I wish all of us health, joy, and an easier year ahead.

Warmest regards,

JaianiRing copy MarcusRing DoveRubyRing LizcanoStar ZappalaCurvyBand BonnieShayRingCollage ClusterNeckLevine MalikRing