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gold earrings

24KT gold Earrings

Diana's Pure Collection revolves around fine silver and pure, 24KT gold. Simple shapes and her proprietary texturing techniques produce a silky, light -reflecting surface. These pure gold earrings carry a sense of the ancient use of nature's noble meta

24KT Gold Hoops

These 24KT gold hoops are textured with Diana's proprietary, 5-step hammer process, which gives them a subtle sheen which never changes. These earrings are a "go to" for many clients. The rich yellow of pure gold is beautiful on all of us. 

MiniPear Earrings

Tiny filigree drop earrings from Diana Widman's Metropolitan Collection give a nod to vintage jewels while maintaining modernity in their weight and movement. They are the perfect pop of gold and easy to wear with everything. 
Elegance for E

MultiColor Sapphire Earrings

One of a kind, multi-color sapphires line up to share their colors with one another and with the lucky owner. Approximnately 7 carats of sapphire and .30 carats of EFVS diamonds in a hand-fabricated setting.